Game System (in details)

Two Values of Five Basic Elements

Five Basic Elements mainly have two values each.

  • One is called "Original Mass (*1)", which shows the balance of Five Elements at the time when particular characters are originated in material form.
  • Another is called "Current Mass", which shows the balance of Five Elements at current time.
It is said that in addition to Original Mass, there exist so called "Native Mass", which shows the native balance of Five Elements for the characters. Original Mass is the balance of Five Elements during the time of material form of the characters (from birth to death in material form), on the other hand, Native Mass is the balance of Five Elements of the characters as spiritual beings. Therefore, Native Mass is regarded as more fundamental property. (from SOUMA Mechanics Creation and Expansion)

Quality based on the balance of Five Elements

There are three type of Guna (quality) derived from on Original Mass and Current Mass.

Pureness is the property when Original Mass and Current Mass are in concert. It is natural and pure state with full of life. It creates feelings of happiness and satisfaction. SOUMA based on Pureness have effects of healing, recovery, and purification.
Excitedness is the property when Fire Element and Wind Element are strong in Current Mass compared with Original Mass. It is aggressive and hyperactive state. It creates feelings of frustration and mixed up. SOUMA based on Excitedness have effects of attack which gives damages to the enemy.
Dullness is the property when Soil Element and Water Element are strong in Current Mass compared with Original Mass. It is inactive and stagnating state. It creates feelings of weariness and gloom. SOUMA based on Dullness have effects of slowing down other party's move.

* Aethel Element is pure itself so pureness of Aethel Element will not be lost even Original Mass and Current Mass are not in concert.

Type of SOUMA

SOUMA gives various effects based on Quality of Five Elements which SOURCERER has.

Creation of Five Elements' energy by SOUMA

How Five Elements is given to SOUMA is depending on the ability of SOURCERER.

  • Experienced SOURCERER who can utilize vast power is able to create various high-powered SOUMA by himself.
  • However, inexperienced SOURCERER needs support from the land, power stone, Spirit and so on.
  • SOURCERER can give Original Mass value to SOUMA cluster free.
    Current Mass can be set almost without limitation gathering Elements perseveringly. But the materialization using a lot of elements requires lots of Life energy. If you use too much elements value (more than 300%) than Original Mass value for the materialization of SOUMA, SOUMA cannot keep its shape and explode. On the contrary, if you use small elements value than Original Mass value, SOUMA cluster ball will explode also as it is immature.
    Exploded SOUMA rebound on SOURCERER itself and there is a possibility SOURCERER will get big damage because of the rebound.
  • In order to develop SOUMA effect, SOURCERER needs a certain level of concentration. Lack of concentration will cause the failure of SOUMA and this causes explosion of gathered Five Element's energy. When the SOURCERER decrease the level of concentration because of attack by the enemy, SOUMA failure occurs by sheer force.
  • In any case, SOUMA failure rebounds on SOURCERER and the SOURCERER might get fatal damage because of the failure. Also even if SOUMA process is suspended at SOURCERER's own discretion, the energy of SOURCERER is consumed because Life energy will be offset by the gathered Five Elements' energy until the suspension.

Procedure for execution of SOUMA

SOUMA get executed in the following procedure.

  • In the process of (1), SOURCERER increase the degree of concentration by meditation. SOURCERER, being increased concentration by meditation, can call up various Expression. (Each Expression has its required concentration ratio.) If the concentration ratio is increased, Life Energy can be recovered little by little, so the continuation of meditation for a certain time can fully recover Life Energy.
    In the process of (1), there is no collection of Five Elements Energy and therefore, the interruption during this stage will not cause any danger to the SOURCERER.
  • Based on the creation of Original Mass of Five Elements, the original balance of Five Elements for certain SOUMA cluster ball is set up.
    In the process of (2), there is no collection of Energy of any elements, so the interruption during this stage will not cause any danger.
  • In the process of (3), energy of each element is given to SOUMA cluster ball. In this process, SOURCERER's Life energy is not consumed but if the process is interrupted without completion, automatically next process of (4), materialization will occur, which requires SOURCERER's Life energy.
  • In the process of (4), SOUMA cluster ball is materialized. The SOURCERER can give influence to other characters (person and object) based on the materialization of SOUMA. This materialization requires SOURCERER's Life energy. In this materialization process, the energy of Soil element which is quite material-like element will not be consumed a lot, but much of Wind energy for instance will be consumed. You may need to pay attention to the energy of SOURCERER during the materialization process, so that SOURCERER will not lose all the energy. The interruption in this process is basically quite dangerous, because the materialization by the interruption during the process is made with energies of non-materialistic elements such as Wind and Fire naturally, which requires lots of Life energy.


SOURCE is the Expression which derives SOUMA effects, schematized in a comprehensible way for people.

  • In this game, so called "ECMA Script" on the Terra now is the basis for the Expression. It is said there are other ways to derive SOUMA such as by using symbols and sound, but it is unclear now.
  • Class Reference is here.
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